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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Crunk n' Grime

It's a mix of Crunk musik of ATL and Grime (england Hip hop beats). a good crossover.

Mike Jones - "Sitting On Bogey": This is Mike Jones "Still Tippin' " but with a grime flava. It sounds cool although it kinda sounds like circus musik a little bit. But it still sounds cool.

Kano - "P's & Crunk": it's a crunk remix of the original "P's and Q's". The voice sounds like he was deformed from the original song, but the crunk beat is tight though.

Dizzee Rascal & Grit Boys - Live From Damage Control, Texas - "Outro": freestyles by the grit boys and dizzee rascal over the Still Tippin' beat. Man, dizzee's merkin' the grit boys.

You Know What It Is Volume 3- Album Review

It's an album by Game dissin' G-Unit, has freestyles by other artists (such as Sheek Louche from D-Blok) and exclusives.

I'm not really feelin' this album... there were like 5 tracks that were worth listening to.

The Game - 300 Bars & Runnin': This is a really long rap. 300 bars on dissin' G-Unit.. It got pretty boring after like 5 minutes...... It's cool how the background beats switches like that song is mixtape itself, but other then that this song is not worth listening to.

The Game - Down: This song's pretty dope. Has the beat off the song by Camron. Talks about the day he and his crew shot 50 outside Hot 97, it's really cool how he rapped in this song and really creative how he says a line and the girl says "DOWN!".

The Game - Dreams (featuring Notorious B.I.G.): Dope track, You gotta listen to this. i wonder if biggies still alive.

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